Empowering smallholder fish farmers, creating livelihood

Who We Are. What We Do


Nigeria needs innovation in the aquaculture sector to attain self sufficiency in the fish production. There is need for innovative approach to meet the fish demand. Wild catch is declining while aquaculture is being embraced. As demand continues to increase, ensuring efficient in the fish value chain is vital for the growth of the sector.


The quality of juvenile, feed and farm management makes or breaks a fish farm enterprise. Our approach is to offer our client farmer quality juvenile and fish feed, provide technical support(training and extension services), and market access after harvest so farmers can focus on production. Our focus is mostly on smallholder fish farmer as they are the most vulnerable of all the category of fish farmer.  We support them with input financing to help them start and scale their fish farming enterprise. 
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Food needs to be produced and stored in a way to reduce the risk of people falling sick with food-borne diseases. An entire chain of this exists from the industry to the market, and from the market to consumers. We aim to make the country more self-reliant and economically prosperous with domestic production.


Fisheries can provide nutritious food for all and generate decent incomes. We will achieve this by training smallholder fish farmer on best practices in fish farming and fish farm management to enhance food security.


Keeping all your money in saving account that barely earn interest won’t grow your wealth. Won’t you rather invest your money with us and earn reasonable interest while supporting a social course. We offer between 6-18% return on capital invested. Your investment is secured as all the farms that will benefit from your investment are insured.


Our technology solution will Provides full visibility of aquaculture Value Chain and operation from pond to market, improve overall operational efficiency and tractability. It gives Visibility to Aquaculture operations and supply chain, support Internal controls systems for enhanced quality, better resource management and pond health monitoring systems. We will give them access to input financing to be able to produce at scale, and market access at a later stage. Youth and women inclusive