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Every one of Our Team Members is devoted to the advancement of agriculture 

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Our vision is to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial fish value chain in Nigeria that benefits all stakeholders. We aim to facilitate economic development, poverty reduction, food security, and livelihoods for poor farmers, especially women and youth.


Our mission is to be the first choice aquaculture chain business guided by integrity and social awareness, providing a holistic platform for critical value chain actors to synergize towards achieving economic benefit for all.

Corporate Overview and Growth Plan

Oluadepe Farms Nigeria Limited is an aquaculture supply company that seeks to enable Nigerian farmers to build and grow profitable fish farming businesses. We plan to create a complete aquaculture value chain focusing on catfish and tilapia that includes feed mill, hatchery, nursery, technical and financial support services, and, eventually, fish processing. We have been operational in Nigeria for over a decade, previously doing business as Mayol Multipurpose Concept Enterprise.

We currently produce sinking fish feed using our custom proprietary formula. Our first stage growth plans include the addition of floating feed, sale of juveniles, 100% input financing for client farmers, full technical training and market identification support. In the second stage we plan to set up a fish processing facility which utilizes the fish raised by our customers.


Robert Hausen

Donna Rosa

Victoria Madeador

Roberto Sciffo

Robert Hausen: retired CPA, living in San Francisco Bay Area.  Partner with Ernst & Young (EY) through 2008.  Provided tax consulting services to high tech clients in Silicon Valley and had a management role for EY’s west coast tax practice.  Currently provide volunteer mentoring services for several entrepreneurs through MicroMentor.

Donna Rosa is an international business development services (BDS) consultant and champion for micro- and small enterprises in developing countries. She coined the term “aidtrepreneurship” as a way to grow economies through entrepreneurship.  

Donna provides business advisory services, strategies, business analysis, business plan development, market research, marketing, capacity development, training, organizational development, and mentoring. She is based in the United States.

Donna spent most of her career working for multinational food companies in technical and management positions. She now leverages that business experience in international development, specializing in the agribusiness and food processing sectors.  She has worked in 27 countries (including Nigeria) helping smallholder farms, microenterprises, companies, organizations, and community groups.

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Roberto Sciffo is a dynamic systemic thinker focusing on medium scale  regenerative economies and regenerative landscaping.

Having started as a Mechanical Engineer, he understood that his focus would be more holistic and toward social and environmental impact. 

He has worked in the alternative health field, team dynamics, and biological medicine only to finally focus on the environment and sustainability. 

His training includes studying under Prof Gunter Pauli (the Blue Economy), Prof. Fritjof Capra (Systems View of Life), Nicolas Netien (Permaculture) and many more.

He is currently based in Cyprus and is working as a consultant.